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Terms and conditions for au pairs

Please read carefully through the terms and conditions found in this page. These terms apply to all contracts or agreements made between you as an au pair and Phoenix Au-Pairs and are deemed accepted through completion of the online registration form. If you would like more information please contact our office in Aberdeen.
These are the terms and conditions between Phoenix Au-Pairs (“we”, “agency”) and the au pair (“you”, “client”, “au pair”), named in the registration form. The term “au pair” includes simple/basic au pairs, au pairs plus and mother's help. The term “host family abroad” refers to the family abroad, introduced to a registered UK au pair.
These terms and conditions, together with the registration form represent the contract between Phoenix Au-Pairs and the client to the exclusion of all other terms and warranties notwithstanding any terms and conditions that may be contravened in any order or other form by the client.

By submitting the registration form, you agree to and accept our general terms and conditions.
You will warrant that the information you provide at time of application is correct and that you will at all times behave in a responsible, reasonable, respectful and caring manner towards your host family abroad.
Any extension, waiver or variation may only be in writing signed by a Director of Phoenix Au-Pairs.
Phoenix Au-Pairs cannot accept any instruction, verbally or in writing, unless and until you submit the online registration form, hence accepting these terms and conditions.
Agency’s role
Phoenix Au-Pairs acts as an agent for the purpose of effecting introductions between you, and a host family. At no point does the agency directly or indirectly employ you, the host family does. The agency will send out no more than up to 3 suitable profiles to you. Acceptance of a family is acceptance of the agency's terms & conditions.
If the host family abroad is introduced to you, resulting in a placement or engagement of the host family abroad, you will be liable for the full fee and any costs associated with the recovery of the fee.
The fee will also be payable to Phoenix Au-Pairs if you engage the host family abroad at a future date, having previously declined the host family abroad through Phoenix Au-Pairs.

Time off and holidays
You must have 2 consecutive days off per week. We usually recommend weekends. If you are required to work weekends, you will have 2 consecutive days during the week and at least one full weekend per month off.
Minimum paid holiday is 4 weeks per year, or pro-rata for shorter periods. The holiday allowance is expected to be calculated based on the usual weekly pocket money.
Phoenix Au-Pairs shall endeavour to provide you with host families who are as well suited as possible to your particular needs and stated preferences. You must however take the final decision whether or not to accept any host family.
We act as an agent solely for the purpose of effecting introductions between the family and the au pair. Any fees charged are solely for introductions. The fees charged by our agency are introduction fees and it is up to the family and the au pair to make the arrangement work through good communications. We cannot be blamed when an arrangement breaks down through communication as there are too many factors outside our control.
From the moment an au pair abroad has chosen a host family, the agency allows for 3 days to receive the appropriate placement fee.  
Short term placements (up to 3 months)
  • Placements in UK - No charge
  • Placements in Europe - £40
  • Placements in Australia - Not available
  • Placements in America - Not available
  • Placements in China - Not available
Long term placements (4-12 months)
  • Placements in UK - No charge
  • Placements in Europe - £90
  • Placements in Australia - £150
  • Placements in America - £150
  • Placements in China - £150    
The full fee becomes payable when you select a host family abroad introduced by Phoenix Au-Pairs and the prospective host family abroad confirms the placement. Remittance should be paid by direct bank transfer (details provided on your invoice). Should you cancel the placement once the signed invitation letter has been received by Phoenix Au-Pairs the full placement fee is due.
Please NOTE that all travel arrangements must be made through Phoenix Au-Pairs and no travel arrangements will be made prior to the placement fee being made.
If the family and au pair decide to extend a short term placement, you become liable to pay the remaining amount charged for a long term placement. Also, if the family and au pair decide to extend a placement at the end of a contract (i.e. after 12 months) you will become liable to pay another fee, according to the additional length of stay agreed. You will receive in this case a loyalty discount as returning au pair.

Overdue payments
Late payment will be charged at £10 per month or part thereof over and above any outstanding placement fee due. To avoid these charges please pay within the agreed term. After one month a final demand will be sent out for the amount payable. Failure to pay the amount stated within 5 working days of the receipt of the final demand will result in our putting the matter in the hands of an authorized debt collector. 
Replacements and refunds policy
All refunds and replacements are subject to the punctual payment of the placement fee.
When you have lived with the family for 29 days as per chosen agreement or more then the placement will be regarded as satisfactory and we will have fulfilled our obligations. 
An unsatisfactory placement must be notified to the agency, immediately and in writing, within maximum 28 days of arrival. Any placement that you require outside of the agreed replacement time will incur the introduction fee.
If there are reasonable grounds for finding the host family unsatisfactory during this period then one free replacement will be offered. Should you not require a replacement or make alternative arrangements, refunds will not be made. If a replacement is unsatisfactory no further replacement can be offered.
Replacements policy for long term au pairs (placements of 4 months or more)
 Phoenix Au-Pairs will offer one free replacement when written notification is received, stating the reason of dissatisfaction, if:
  • In case of abuse, mistreatment or misconduct by the host family or any member, guest, friend or acquaintance of the family
  • If you have not been given a proper routine and had the chance to get used to the routine
  • If the family restricts your access to/prevent you using any amenities to which you are contractually entitled, or the family withholds all or part of your pocket money.
  • If you are asked to work more hours than agreed, without prior arrangements and without being paid extra for the hours worked
No replacements will be provided (and Phoenix Au-Pairs opinion of the circumstances must be final):
  • If the introduction fee has not been paid in full
  • On short term placements
  • If the family justifiably complains of unsuitable behaviour from your part, as, but not restricted to, mistreating the children in any way, changing the children’s routine without prior agreement with the family
No refunds will be offered, where the au pair abroad requests that no replacement family be found. If, in the Agency’s opinion a suitable replacement has been offered and not taken on by the candidate, no refund will be payable. The agency cannot guarantee that the replacement family will be similar to the previous one or that they will be in the same area.
Should the agency be of the opinion that it has been unable to offer a suitable replacement within this time as stated then a refund of fees will be available subject to a minimum deduction of £50 from the paid fee, administration fee.
Travel costs
You are responsible for your own travel costs from your home country to the host family’s country. The host family is responsible to wait for you at the airport, or to arrange and pay for transportation to their home, by bus/train/taxi.
Au pairs and driving
The host family is responsible to give you refresher driving lessons, as most likely you will have to drive on the left side of the road.
Also, the host family must provide the car if they require you to drive, and they are also responsible to pay insurance and other taxes necessary for the car.
Au pairs and babysitting
Au pair/au pair plus are prepared to provide 2 evenings babysitting each week and these should be arranged where possible during your working week. Where host families require regular babysitting to be undertaken on your free days, extra pocket money should be paid. 
For clarity, "babysitting" refers to time when you are responsible for children in the evening when they are asleep or about to go to bed. It is not time when you are expected to carry out household duties. 

If host families do not make use of the 2 evenings babysitting each week, then the hours cannot be "saved" or used at an alternative time.
Termination of employment
You must notify Phoenix Au-Pairs verbally and then in writing if you wish to terminate a placement. The family, as well as the au pair are entitled to a two weeks' notice of termination of placement.
Should you terminate the employment because of immoral or illegal behaviour on the part of the family and immediate dismissal is necessary, you must contact Phoenix Au-Pairs to inform us of the situation.

You are free to leave or terminate the engagement at any time and you are required to give the family at least two weeks' notice.
You need to make sure that you have enough money to return home in case of emergency.
Phoenix Au-Pairs reserves the right to use its discretion in any situation that is not covered in this document.

Fees and terms are subject to change without prior notice, however, we will inform you by email when changes occur. Any changes in the terms and conditions are immediately applicable.

These terms and conditions are under the law of Scotland.
Becoming an au pair in a foreign country is an exciting and wonderful opportunity. For more information contact Phoenix Au-Pairs in Aberdeen today.

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